The registration procedure is now completely online from a portal dedicated to families.
To initiate, continue or complete the process with our institution, you must log on to the EDUKA portal:

Please follow the online procedure to allow your child to return to the LFM under the best conditions.

Compliance with this procedure is mandatory to ensure that your child is enrolled at the start of the next school year and appears on the call lists at the beginning of 2017. We invite you to do this online as soon as possible.

Our tutorials will guide you through the steps of the procedure. Feel free to contact us for any question.


1st enrollment procedure

To enroll you child for the next school year, register today on EDUKA then click the registration tab.

Two cases:
  • You have not provided any documents to date other than a form with some information:
The general procedure applies: you must complete all the requested information and download the necessary documents for registration
  • You have provided us with a number of documents requested in the paper file:
You have to make the entry online, we will download ourselves the documents that you have provided to us and will later inform you of the missing ones
The on-line registration procedure is compulsory. We kindly ask you to enter your child(ren)’s files the soonest possible.
To help you in your steps, we are providing you with a tutorial below, we remain at your disposal in case of difficulty.

Re-enrollment procedure

Kindly connect to Eduka – – and log on to your account using the logins that were sent to you per email.
Kindly fill out the information tabs and upload the requested documents.


You leave the school at the beginning of the next academic year, indicate it on EDUKA and start the LFM departure procedure without wasting time, this will allow us to prepare all the school documents.

For any question, kindly contact our Executive Assistant Tina Ruby (