The LFM – French School Manila decision-making authorities 

LFM governance

1. The « European Educational Foundation, Inc. » (EEFI) is a Philippino association consisting of ten members. This association is the official owner of land, houses and buildings of the Eurocampus and aims to cultivate, promote and develop education and interests of our members of the European Community, particularly those of the two founding schools, the LFM – French School Manila and the Deutsche Schule Manila

2. The LFM Students Parents’ Association (Association des Parents d’Élèves – APE) is established in accordance with the amended and supplemented French law of 1st July 1901 on non-profit organizations, is officially called the “Association of parents of students of the French School of Manila.” Parents of LFM students regularly enrolled in school and who have paid the tuition fees are ex officio members of the Association.

The Association’s purposes are:

a) To ensure the management and development in Manila (Philippines) of a school meeting the French Education official standards and methods while serving the special needs of both French and foreign students attending the above mentioned school.

b) To maintain a close cooperation between students’ parents on the one hand, management and teaching teams of the school on the other hand and to guarantee the good level of education provided by the school.

c) To promote all kind of cultural, recreational and extracurricular activities as a complement to the academic education provided by the school, and to harmoniously integrate these activities to the Eurocampus organization.

3. Seven parents’ representatives are elected for 3 years among the Parents’ Association members. They meet once a month within the Management Board (Comité de Gestion – composed of the above mentioned representatives, by the Cultural counselor of the French Embassy in the Philippines, the administrator and the school head).
The Management Board is responsible for:

a) The guarantee of good operating of the school and the quality of the academic learnings provided, in accordance with the French official programs and law.

b) Facilitating a close collaboration between parents, school heads, teaching team as well as French, Filipino and international communities and promoting the development of the LFM within the EIS.

c) Hiring and payment of local staff on the proposal and appropriate opinion of the school head.

d) Financial management of the school.

 4. The Joint Advisory Commitee (JAC) is composed of members from both LFM and GESM representatives. The JAC oversees EIS common actions and operations within Eurocampus.

5. The School Council meets once every three monthes, or 3 times a year. The council is composed of elected representatives of administrative and teaching staff, parents and students, as well as ex officio members (Cultural councelor, School Councelor, Administrator). The School Council is discussing or voting decisions regarding: school internal rules, school life, school project, school academic programs, teaching and learning methods, assessments, school canteen, extra-curricular activities…

6. The Primary School Council meets once every three monthes, or 3 times a year. This council is composed of representatives of primary (elementary) school students parents, teachers, of the headmaster and the administrator. The Primary School Council is discussing school life issues, academic programs, teaching and learning methods and pedagogy. The decisions taken within the Primary School Council are then submitted to the School Council’s voting.