A new twist on the LFM Kindergarten : 


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The LFM PRESCHOOL is a priority for the development of the Eurocampus. For the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, an annex of our actual preschool will be opened in Makati and that will allow us to easily welcome kids from this part of Manila. As a new school program bringing novelty, our preschool has strong assets : Engagement in digital, modernized school and educational projects, French Kindergarten has never been so in tune with the times !

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Moreover, a video is available to let you discover the place where your children will learn, our equipment, our teachers and all the educational tools available to ensure the best start in life for your children …

Discover our video !

An email address was specially created for you in order to answer all of your questions:

A booklet about our kindergarten is now available in French and English and will provide you with useful information.

Registration for the next school year is open. For the beginning of the 2016 school year, first registration fees have been highly decreased for the petite section and the moyenne section. New families can immediately benefit from this reduction. You’ll find our scholarship fees here.

We offer you a fee-free week for families who want to try out the school !