School Masterplan 2015-2018


The LFM, Lycée français de Manille, is an educational establishment accredited by the A.E.F.E network (French Agency for Teaching Abroad), which promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and self-dependency for all its students coming from various countries and different languages (29 nationalities in all).

It offers a progressive and coherent curriculum from preschool to the final year of senior high school (terminale) and prepares to the European baccalaureate certificate which is a wellrecognized international degree. The very innovative teaching methods which are implemented in the LFM foster support, success and fulfillment of its students.

Being an integral part of the A.E.F.E network of the Asia-Pacific region and of the Eurocampus, thus sharing its facilities with the German European school of Manila, the LFM of Manila is promoting a master plan which is international by essence. The two main development channels consist of a cultural dialog with the Philippines, its host country and the access to multi-lingual skills for all its students.

Culture, arts and sports education, learning how to live together and education to sustaining development are equally contributing to enable the students of the Lycée français de Manille to become future responsible, sensitive and mature citizens of the world ready to commit and act for the better.

This Master Plan built on four pillars aims to detail the objectives, the expected impacts and the set of actions needed for the Lycée français de Manille to fully reach the goal within the three coming years.