More than 40 years after its creation, the Lycée Français de Manille (LFM) is now one of the well-known international schools of the metropolis. It offers education to children starting two years old and brings students to the Baccalaureate degree, the ultimate key to further study, not only in France but more generally anywhere in the world.

The Eurocampus welcomes every day an average of 650 students or more. As far as the LFM is concerned, about 350 children from 29 different nationalities are studying here, and most of them are bilinguals. Four foreign languages are taught, that is why we can say that Europe is also being built from Manila! We work daily with the German School to adapt, improve and extend the academic curriculum offered by the Eurocampus. The Master plan, a significant renovation and extension program of the campus itself, is the perfect example of joined forces within a shared vision.

The expatriate families usually have a tough decision to make when it comes to choose a school in their host country for their children in order to secure their own future. French schools are present in 136 countries; thus choosing the LFM is making the choice to join a network of 494 schools worldwide. From Paris to Manila via Rabat, Tananarive, Rome, Montréal or many other cities, parents have the international guarantee to offer to their children continuity in the chosen educational curriculum.

Excellence, sharing, influence, are the values promoted by the school. Trusting the LFM means first of all to let us care about your children in offering them a thoughtful family project; it means also to give them the best assets for their future in academic, linguistic or personal development as well.

Even if the Preschool French way is nowadays internationally acclaimed, the curriculum as offered and guaranteed within the French educational system up to the final year of senior high school (terminale) is not falling short on expectations, as it leads to a world-class degree: the baccalaureate.

Choosing excellence means selecting today the Eurocampus and the LFM. This booklet will give you all the information you need on our offer, and we are proud of it!

Jean-Marc Aubry, Headmaster